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    22 Fév 2014  

      phpMyAdmin 4.1.8

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Version de corrections de bugs.

- bug #4276 Login loop on session expiry
- bug #4249 Incorrect number of result rows for SQL with subqueries
- bug #4275 Broken Link to php extension manual
- bug #4053 List of procedures is not displayed after executing with Enter
- bug #4081 Setup page content shifted to the right edge of its tabs
- bug #4284 Reordering a column erases comments for other columns
- bug #4286 Open "Browse" in a new tab
- bug #4287 Printview - Always one column too much
- bug #4288 Expand database (+ icon) after timeout doesn't do anything
- bug #4285 Fixed CSS for setup
- Fixed altering table to DOUBLE/FLOAT field
- bug #4292 Success message and failure message being shown together
- bug #4293 opening new tab (using selflink) for import.php based actions
results in error and logout

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