Version de maintenance planifiée régulièrement avec plusieurs corrections de bogues importantes.
Les correctifs incluent des améliorations concernant la modification des mots de passe sur les serveurs MariaDB les plus récents et plusieurs correctifs apportés à  l'analyseur.

- issue Undefined index: is_ajax_request
- issue #11855 Fix password change on MariaDB 10.1 and newer
- issue #11874 Validate version information before further processing it
- issue #11881 Full processlist lost on refresh
- issue #11834 Adjust privileges fails if database name contains underscores
- issue #11906 'Loading...' banner shows on login screen
- issue #11930 Fixed changing of table parameters, eg. AUTO_INCREMENT
- issue #11885 Call to undefined function SqlParser\ctype_alnum()
- issue #11879 - NOW() function not recognized by parser

- issue #11867 Gracefully handle the DESC statement
- issue #11843 Fractional timestamp causes corrupted SQL export
- issue #11836 Static analysis error for valid WHERE condition with IF keyword
- issue #11800 Syntax Verifier error using REGEXP in SQL statement
- issue #11799 Backslashes in comments are being interpreted as escape characters
- issue #11909 Can't insert row into table that contains generated column

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