Version de correction de bugs.

- bug #4813 MySQL 5.7.6 and the Users menu tab
- bug #4818 MySQL 5.7.6 and changing the password for another user
- bug #4819 Request URI too large
- bug #4814 MySQL 5.7.6 and Databases
- bug Use 'server' parameter in console to work in multi server environmen
- bug Missing tooltip in monitor
- bug Missing sort icons in monitor
- bug #4805 Inline edit broken when using functions in query
- bug #4821 Timed-out import fails to restart when file represented
- bug #4754 pMA DB not detected properly
- bug #4825 Datepicker missing when changing number of rows on Insert page
- bug #4824 INNODB STATUS page is empty
- bug #4828 JavaScript is loaded in wrong order
- bug #4827 TEXT formatting doesn't work after inline editing
- bug #4822 Compress when php.ini output_buffering is active

- bug #4832 Sorting distinct values result loses links
- bug #4834 Do not attach token to css requests to improve caching

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