Version de correction de bugs.

- bug #4380 Cannot display table structure with enums containing special charact
- bug #4381 Cannot remove the last remembered sorted column
- bug Correctly fetch length of user and host fields in MySQL tables
- bug #4364 examples/signon.php does not support the SessionSavePath directive
- bug #4382 Missing source for OpenLayers library
- bug Incorrect attributes for number fields
- bug #4383 Cannot update values in Zoom search
- bug #4313 GIS Visualization Extension does not work with PointFromText() funct
- bug #4384 Incorrect "Rows" total shown when truncating or dropping a table on
DB Structure page
- bug #4385 Grid edit on sorted columns fails
- bug #4389 Null checkbox covering data input when editing
- bug #4390 Data type changing by itself (no size but attribute present)

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