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    23 Sept 2013  

      phpMyAdmin 4.0.7

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Version de correction de bugs.

- bug #3993 Sorting in database overview with statistics doesn't work
- bug Handle the situation where PHP_SELF is not set
- bug #4080 Overwrite existing file not obeyed
- bug #3929 Database-specific privileges are not copied when cloning user
- bug #3997 Error handling in case MySQL extension is missing
- bug #4089 Moving Columns will alter column definition
- bug #4091 Insert ignore option does not work
- bug #4090 Downloading BLOB downloads page template
- bug #4092 Clicking on table name in view of information_schema redirects to wr
ong page
- bug #4079 Copy Table Add AUTO_INCREMENT value checkbox not working
- bug #4088 MySQL server version at index.php incorrect w/ controlhost
- bug #4001 Import error: Class 'ImportOds' not found
- bug #3986 Missing DROP VIEW button

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